10 incredible animes that have unusual plots

There are several animes that, in the eyes of the public, are seen with many reservations, after all, the unusual plots are capable of provoking mixed feelings. In these productions, there is exaggerated action, surreal images and characters full of strange manias, going far beyond certain scenes seen in classic anime such as Dragon Ball Z and One Piece.

So, with this list, meet 10 incredible animes that have unusual plots!

10. Assassination Classroom

(Fuji Television / Reproduction)(Fuji Television / Reproduction)Source: Fuji Television

An unpredictable science fiction thriller, Assassination Classroom (or Ansatsu Kiyoshitsu, in the original) combines extraterrestrial invasion with adolescent drama, being set in the classroom of a school. The main character, a yellowish creature full of tentacles, wants to destroy the world.

But there is hope for mankind: his students will need to assassinate him, which does not seem to be an easy task at all. In this way, the episodes address all of the students’ advances, while becoming fond of the figure of their incredible alien teacher.

9. Shimoneta

(Tokyo MX / Reproduction)(Tokyo MX / Reproduction)Source: Tokyo MX

In this anime, viewers are transported to a dystopian future, in which all forms of speech and vulgar thoughts are prohibited. That is, no swearing or insult can come out of the characters’ mouths.

The authoritarian government does its best to control citizens with an iron fist until the infamous terrorists start planning a counter attack.

8. Sekko Boys

(Tokyo MX / Reproduction)(Tokyo MX / Reproduction)Source: Tokyo MX

This is easily one of the most surreal animes of recent times. Four stone busts want to stand out in the entertainment world with the help of a human manager. In more ways than one, the four protagonists also scoff at celebrity culture.

The very concept of using immobile statues to represent fame is strangely funny, producing a very humorous effect on the audience.

7. Jingai-San No Yome

(Tokyo MX / Reproduction)(Tokyo MX / Reproduction)Source: Tokyo MX

For initially unexplained reasons, the protagonist Tomari Hinowa is forced to marry a creature known as Kanenogi. Concise and hilarious in its approach, the anime details this strange marriage with creative narrative mechanisms. The mythology centered on the plot is also one of the points that deserve to be highlighted in this story.

6. Mysterious Girlfriend X

(Tokyo MX / Reproduction)(Tokyo MX / Reproduction)Source: Tokyo MX

The main couple lives a great passion and can stay together for the rest of their lives, considering that they have a strange peculiarity: the two are fascinated by each other’s drool.

In this way, throughout the episodes, the characters exchange their saliva in extremely disgusting ways, until their bond turns into a complete romantic relationship.

5. Bananya

(TV Tokyo / Reproduction)(TV Tokyo / Reproduction)Source: TV Tokyo

Composed of only 13 very short episodes, Bananya is a bizarrely engaging anime. At the center of his narrative is a species of cat that lives perpetually inside bananas and one of them has the dream of having a chocolate bath with his colleagues.

The simplicity of the narrative is something that draws the audience’s attention and the trace of the animation is quite captivating on several levels, showing the daily life of this dreaming kitten.

4. Kill La Kill

(MBS / Reproduction)(MBS / Reproduction)Source: MBS

The anime revolves around a student who seeks revenge for the murder of her father. But that is not all. In her quest, the protagonist also comes into conflict with a student council president and her own mother, who runs a fashion empire. With that, all the characters develop powers due to their supernatural clothes.

3. Cells At Work!

(Tokyo MX / Reproduction)(Tokyo MX / Reproduction)Source: Tokyo MX

What if human cells and other microscopic entities had emotions of their own? Cells At Work! infiltrates the human body to show the relationship of all these little beings during their functions.

In this context, white blood cells and red blood cells gain prominence, since they are ready at all times to fight different intruding microbes that arise to bring about constant diseases.

two. Saint Young Men

(A-1 Pictures / Reproduction)(A-1 Pictures / Reproduction)Source: A-1 Pictures

Buddha and Jesus Christ are best friends and share an apartment in Tokyo. Each episode documents the experiences of both having shared lives. Rather than involving religious issues, the characters have a number of interesting questions that can be identified with the public. They even shop and play video games.

1. Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo

(TV Asahi / Reproduction)(TV Asahi / Reproduction)Source: TV Asahi

In the 31st century, the notorious Hair Hunt Troop terrorized populations of innocent civilians by directly attacking their hair. Bobobo and his allies want to dismantle the Hair Hunters’ rising empire by using body odor and nose hair as weapons. So it is!

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