10 horror movies to see in 2021

The horror genre is one of the most popular among movie fans. Among spirits, psychopaths and demons, 2021 is being marked by frightening releases.

Check out now the 10 horror and suspense features you can’t miss this year:

10. Dark Spirits

Directed by Scott Cooper and produced by Guillermo del Toro, an Oregon City teacher discovers that one of her young students is keeping a dangerous secret that could have terrifying consequences.

dark spirits promises to tackle one of the most horrifying American myths: the Wendigo.

9. Voices and Figures

Netflix’s new horror film is based on the acclaimed novel by Elizabeth Brundage.

When a couple moves from Manhattan to a small village in the Hudson Valley, they must deal with the sinister past of their new home and the dark side of their marriage.

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8. Malignant

Source: HBO Max/ReproductionSource:  HBO Max/Reproduction

After creating hits like Deadly Games, Supernatural and Evil Invocation, James Wan is back in the horror world with Malignant. Described as a small project inspired by Italian horror, the film follows two women fleeing from a monster.

7. Spiral – The Legacy of Mortal Games

The 9th and last movie in the franchise Deadly Games shows detective Ezekiel Banks (Chris Rock) investigating a series of horrific murders taking place in the city. Soon the cop discovers that the serial killer is an impersonator of the famous Jigsaw killer.

6. A Night of Crime 5 – The Frontier

Another saga that is ending in 2021 is that of A crime night. The last chapter of the franchise revolves around the events that took place in The Election Year.

Adela (Ana de la Reguera) and Juan (Tenoch Huerta) find shelter on a Texas ranch after fleeing a cartel. Things start to go wrong for the two when a group of outsiders decides to continue purging even after the sirens.

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5. The Legend of Candyman

Candyman is back too! Directed by Nia DaCosta (The Marvels) and production and script by Jordan Peele (Run!), the film continues the plot of the 1992 classic and shows how the villain’s neighborhood is today.

4. Halloween Kills – The Horror Continues

After the success of halloween in 2018, Universal revealed that production would mark the beginning of a new trilogy.

In the second chapter, assassin Michael Myers must survive Laurie’s ambush and return to terrorize her.

3. Time

M. Night Shyamalan terrified everyone when the trailer for Time was released.

The thriller follows a family who decides to visit a secret beach to relax and spend the day together. Before long, they discover that the place causes them to age quickly and need to find a way to escape.

2. A Quiet Place – Part 2

Right after the deadly events of the first film, the Abbott family must find a new safe place to survive in silence. Forced to venture into the unknown, they soon realize that creatures aren’t the only monsters in this new world.

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1. Evil Invocation 3: The Order of the Devil

Five years after the release of the last one Evil Invocation, the Warrens need to solve yet another supernatural affair. Based on real facts, Evil Invocation 3 shows the first time a murder suspect claims to have been possessed by the devil as part of his defense in court.

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