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November 20th is the Black conscience day it is a date to celebrate and also reflect on the role of black people in society. Although the space given to black characters is still not ideal, it is possible to find great characters. Check out a list of 10 games with black protagonists.

Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation is one of the games with black protagonists (Image: Ubisoft Disclosure)

The list leaves some famous characters out, but the idea is to present black protagonists with unique characteristics and stories. Some of them may not be in such hot games, but the idea was to present a list a little different from the ones seen around. Anyway, you can take advantage of the comments to post your favorites.

10. Remember Me – Nilin

Black protagonists in games - Nilin in Remember Me
Nilin in Remember Me (Image: Playback/ Dontnod Entertainment)

Nilin a hacker and activist who fights a corporation that has control over people’s memories in a futuristic, dystopian Paris full of inequality.

Over the course of the game, Nilin discovers that he is one of the few individuals capable of not only stealing but also manipulating memories. From that point on, she resolves to take on her role in a revolution to bring down the corporation, while discovering secrets from her past.

Here’s the indication for those who like a cyberpunk-themed game.

9. Tekken 7 – Eddy Gordo

Black characters in games - Eddy Gordo
Eddy Gordo in Tekken 7 (Image: Publicity / Bandai-Namco)

The Brazilian capoeirista made his debut in 1997 with the release of Tekken 3. Eddy was arrested at age 19 after having to take responsibility for the death of his father who was about to bring down a drug cartel.

In prison, Eddy meets a capoeira master who teaches him everything he knows during the eight years he was imprisoned.

With easy-to-learn gameplay, fast and acrobatic moves, Eddy has become one of the most popular characters in Tekken 3 and one of the greatest representatives of capoeira in games.

During the titles, Eddy passes on his knowledge to his master’s granddaughter, the also Brazilian Christie Monteiro, struggles to find a cure for her master’s serious illness and joins Jin Kazama to try to overthrow Kazuya Mishima, the real responsible for the death of his father.

8. Gears of War – Augustus Cole

Imagem Augustus Cole Gears of War
Cole is one of Gears of War’s most charismatic characters (Image: Playback / Xbox Game Studios)

Cole “The Train” is one of the main characters in the series Gears of War. He was a famous player of “Trashball”, a sport that resembles American football in the world of Gears.

After Emergency Day and the Locust invasion, which caused the death of his parents, Cole abandoned the life of sportsman and celebrity. His move to the army, motivated many to enlist and hope to defeat the Locust.

Cole may not be the protagonist of Gears of War, however, he was present in several games in the franchise and continued to help the new characters in the series on the battlefield.

7. Watch Dogs 2 – Marcus Holloway

Imagem Marcus Holloway - Watch Dogs 2
Marcus Holloway in Watch Dogs 2 (Image: Publicity/ Ubisoft)

Marcus Holloway runs away from some stereotypes of black characters. He’s not an athlete, a military man or a gangsta, he’s a hacker.

After being wrongly accused and punished for cybercrime, Marcus decides to join a hacker initiative to fight Blume, the company responsible for the main security system and holder of the information monopoly in the world of Watch Dogs.

Despite his story, Marcus has a lighter personality and guarantees a very different tone from Aiden, protagonist of the first title in the series.

6. Dandara – Dandara

Dandara image
Dandara is the protagonist of her own game (Image: Publicity / Long Hat House)

Dandara is the protagonist of metroidvania produced by the Brazilian studio Long Hat House. The character is inspired by Dandara dos Palmares described as a warrior and leader in Quilombo dos Palmares.

Even though there are no records of his image, Dandara has gained legendary status. The game character also fights for freedom and aims to bring balance to her world, in a universe that features several elements of Brazilian culture.

5. Uncharted 4 e Uncharted Lost Legacy – Nadine Ross

Image Nadine Ross - Uncharted 4
Nadine Ross is one of Uncharted’s main antagonists (Image: Reproduction / Naughty Dog)

Nadine Ross is one of the main antagonists of Uncharted 4. She makes the list for being a strong woman, not just physically, but for her personality, intelligence and combat skills. Nadine even gave some beatings to the Drake brothers, being a constant danger throughout the game.

One of the interesting points is that Nadine decides to do things her way and often diverges from her “boss”. Something that escapes the cliché “henchman-right-armed-obedient”. So much so that at a certain point in the game, she gives up on taking a certain risk, abandons her playboy boss and guarantees her survival.

In Uncharted Lost Legacy, Nadine returns as a co-star, forming a great duo with Chloe Frazer. In this game, we discover a little more about his past and get to know another side of his personality.

4. Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Miles Morales

Miles Morales Image
Miles Morales in his game (Image: Disclosure/ Insomniac Games)

I thought twice about putting Miles Morales on the list for not being a character created for games, but he played in some games and starred in the recent one Spider-Man: Miles Morales that shows a new perspective of the hero.

The way the script places Miles as the new protector of New York in Peter Parker’s absence, while also showing the need for him to build his own identity as a hero, dealing with the typical conflicts of youth. These aspects are interesting and make you connect with him.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a game as good or even better than Spider-Man 2018, for being a more concise and objective adventure.

3. Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation – Aveline de Grandpré

Black protagonists in games- Aveline image in Assassin's Creed III: Liberation
Aveline in Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation (Image: Playback/ Ubisoft)

Aveline was the first female protagonist in Assassin’s Creed. Not only that, but she was also the first black protagonist in the series’ games. Aveline is the daughter of a slave with a successful merchant. In this way, she manages to circulate among Louisiana’s high society as she frees slaves and confronts the Templars in the 1700s.

The game takes advantage of the historical context to use one of the main characteristics of the Assassins: stealth. Aveline can dress like a servant and thus discover secrets in places where only slaves could go, while using her lady’s costumes to frequent rich environments and discover other points of the conspiracies.

Besides, it’s not every game protagonist who gets a wine label with his name on it, is it?

Aveline Assassin's Creed wine image
Aveline Wine (Image: Publicity/ Lot18)

That happened in 2018, when Ubisoft made a deal with wine producer Lot18 and launched a line of labels based on the series.

2. The Walking Dead: Primeira Temporada – Lee Everett

Protagonistas negros nos games - Lee em Telltale's The Walking Dead
Lee mentored Clementine on The Walking Dead (Image: Playback / Skybound Interactive)

Lee was a history professor who was being arrested after accidentally killing a politician who was having an affair with his wife, but the onset of the zombie apocalypse changed his life again.

During the story, Lee ends up leading a group of survivors and later, after a rescue, ends up assuming custody of Clementine. A little girl that although smart, would have no chance of surviving for long in a world dominated by zombies.

Having to assume unexpected parenthood, Lee teaches Clementine how to survive in the hostile world, while trying to impart principles to the girl, leads a group through danger and conflict.

These factors make Lee one of the best black protagonists in games. He would also be a fixture on a list of the “Best Dads in the Gaming World”.

the first season of The Walking Dead it has a captivating story and a very emotional ending. It’s worth playing.

1. The Walking Dead – Clementine

Black Game Protagonists - Clementine Image in The Walking Dead
Clementine in The Walking Dead (Image: Playback/ Skybound Interactive)

Clementine is at the top of this list of black game protagonists, not only because he is a great character, but because we have the possibility to follow all his growth and development.

We follow Clem from when she was a little girl, at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, through her apprenticeship with Lee, her difficult childhood surviving alone or in random groups through the four games of the main series.

When we reach the fourth and final title, we see a confident young woman who manages very well and completes a cycle as she leads her own group and seeks to transmit the knowledge and values ​​learned from Lee to little AJ.

In 2018, when TellTale went bankrupt and production of the game stalled, I was worried that the game wouldn’t be finished, but the Skybound Interactive took control after a few months and finished developing the title.

Despite being a little shorter than the other chapters, the fourth season of The Walking Dead closes all the arcs created since the first season and is worth your attention.

Even though the world is changing, it is important that there is more inclusion and diversity so that more stories are told, approaching more and more different perspectives.

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