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The bulky heroes are out and, this time, the cute pets are in. A good game doesn’t always need to be strong or strong to be fun. There are several games with animals in which they are the protagonists. Take a look at this list and, if you haven’t played it yet, give some of these games where beings of nature (real or mystical) steal the spotlight.

Maneater (Image: Handout/Tripwire Interactive)

1. Maneater

Now is the time for revenge! In Maneater, you are a shark who survived the attack by fishermen and “swore” revenge for being mutilated. The game is an open world RPG where you start as a (not so) innocent baby shark and need to survive and grow in an ecosystem where almost everyone, humans and other animals, wants to kill you. Find resources, evolve and go after the hunter who left a horrible scar on your pretty little body.

2. Lost Ember

Whenever I have the opportunity to recommend this game I will. In Lost Ember, you control a fearless wolf who, with the help of a talking sphere of light, begins a journey to discover his true origin story. For this, the wolf also takes the form of different animals to overcome all obstacles in its path.

This is a game with a much more contemplative and exploration approach, but it has a narrative hidden between the lines that will make you cry rivers at the end. If you want to try something different and a little calmer (but still exciting), Lost Ember it is more than recommended.

3. Spore

Launched in 2008, Spore is an amazing game of creating and managing your own kind of living being! Go through all stages of evolution, from a cell to overdeveloped civilizations exploring new planets. This strategy and simulation game is relatively simple to play and a lot of fun. It’s easy to waste hours both customizing your creature and working to evolve it. I highly recommend!

4. Tunic

Tunic is an adorable action-adventure game, with strong references to The Legend of Zelda (visually) and Death’s Door (gameplay). In it, control a cute little fox through multiple levels on the same map, which unfolds and expands as it explores and discovers its secrets. The gameplay seems to be quite easy, but don’t be fooled, as not being well equipped to face some enemies can take you to the ground very quickly.

The interesting thing about this game is that it doesn’t tell you much what to do, but it’s very intuitive to learn – especially if you already have some experience with action RPGs with a focus on puzzles and exploration. And the fox is the cutest little thing!

5. Never Alone

or prominence of Never Alone is divided between the girl Nuna and a little white fox in a very pleasant gameplay that mixes platform and puzzles. The most interesting thing about this game, all set in Alaska, is that it was developed based on the folklore of that region and with the advice of the local community. The whole atmosphere is beautiful and the friendship between the girl and the fox is to warm the heart.

6. Okami

One classic! In control of Amaterasu, a sun goddess from Japanese mythology who has been reincarnated in the form of a white wolf, you must defeat Orochi, an eight-headed demonic tyrant. The entire artistic style of the game is a true Sumi-e-style painting, an ancestral technique of monochromatic drawing that emerged in China and was taken to Japan. The HD version of the game brings more resolution options.

7.  Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

In Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, you will have the opportunity to participate in human evolution through the ages. This is a third-person survival game and I put it on this list because, well… The protagonist is a primate. It’s not a very simple game to play, like every survival title, and you’ll have to take care of basic things in life, like eating, drinking and sleeping – in addition to trying not to become food for predators.

8. Gato Roboto

Gato Roboto is an adorable and challenging metroidvania in which the player controls… A kitten in robotic armor! You will need to help your human (an astronaut), trapped in his spaceship after an accident, to explore a dangerous planet to complete an important mission.

It is possible to navigate the levels both in the special suit, which can be upgraded, and freely as a curious feline. With a simple look, the game is very fun and super light to install.

9. Conker’s Bad Fur Day

This is perhaps the most controversial game on the Nintendo 64. Conker’s Bad Fur Day is a game of contrasts, as it puts you in control of a lovable but politically incorrect squirrel, who explores a colorful world full of creatures that seem straight out of a Disney movie (up to a point).

There are several references to successful movies as well, such as Matrix, Saving Private Ryan e Alien. It’s a farofado platformer, but I loved playing it at the time.

10. Untitled Goose Game

Of course, this list needs to have the game of this “cursed goose” (according to the inhabitants of the city of the game). The title became a hit and the success was even greater than the developers themselves had expected. The gameplay is very simple and you just need to walk around the neighborhood, solve puzzles and bother other people’s lives. Very de-stressing (for the goose, of course).

Is that you? Do you have a game with animals that you enjoy and are not here? Share with us in the comments.

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