10 famous Netflix series that are not unanimous among the public

Known primarily for hits like Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, The Money Heist, Sex Education e Round 6Netflix has become one of the most subscribed streaming platforms in the world, mainly because of its pioneering spirit in the contemporary entertainment sector.

Despite this, some of his productions, which are generally created to please all types of audiences, ended up being divisive and generating many discussions on the internet.

Thus, below, check out a list of some works that failed to win over all viewers, despite having become well known. Enjoy!

10. Fate: A Saga Winx

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Launched in 2021 with the promise of providing nostalgia to the public, despite getting good viewing figures in its early days, this series seems to have not fallen into popular taste as a whole.

This is mainly due to the irregularity of the plot, which seems confusing and full of clichés at all levels. With an often unnecessary somber tone, Fate: A Saga Winx distanced itself too much from its original material, becoming redundant at various times.

9. Shadow and Bones

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There was a lot of anticipation around the release of Shadow and Bones (Shadow and Bonein the original), mainly because it was an adaptation of the literary dystopia of the same name written by Leigh Bardugo.

However, despite the large investment by Netflix, the public reception was lukewarm and only consolidated after some time available. Even so, the universe created by the writer seems to be quite flashy and has great potential to be better developed in the future on the platform.

8. Bridgerton

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Although Shonda Rhimes was in charge and the success was instantaneous, becoming one of the most watched productions on streaming up to that point, the fact is that the audience of Bridgerton it split a lot.

There are those who love everything that was presented by the series and there are also those who hate or have felt in an unlikely fairy tale. Renewed for more seasons, the idea is that each wave of episodes will be focused on a new member of the family, which also displeased some fans.

7. 13 Reasons Why

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There was a lot of protest during the continuation of the release of 13 Reasons Why, mainly because of its controversial theme. In the plot, a case of suicide is approached, in which the victim leaves several tapes that attest to her suffering and the reasons that led her to commit this act.

The graphic of the suicide scene and the numerous sequences of sexual violence shocked the subscribers, causing a great controversy about the exhibition of this type of content.

6. Invisible City

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In a way, the international market really liked what Invisible City had to offer. Bringing elements of Brazilian folklore, the series became one of the most watched on Netflix at the time of its release.

However, the indigenous community felt offended by the representation of certain entities of their mythology/religion, something that was embraced by a good part of the public also when considering that there is no indigenous in the cast.

5. Ginny & Georgia

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Seen by the public as a new version of Gilmore Girlsthe series Ginny & Georgia did not reach as many numbers as expected by the streaming platform.

Despite having a consistent plot and full of creative possibilities, many people felt betrayed with the idea that the production would not raise some questions present in the Amy Sherman-Palladino series. This expectation problem divided the audience in an unexpected way.

4. The Sinner

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After the release of the 1st season of The Sinnerviewers were faced with a robust series, with numerous interesting mysteries and conflicts.

Despite this, as it consists of an anthological project, in which new closed stories are developed each season, there are many fans who hated the new plots presented in the course of the episodes. With four seasons, production concluded in 2021.

3. Dark

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In this German series, the writers had the great ability to play with the audience in a surprising way, as there are many characters that come and go, in addition to a timeline that moves freely on screen.

Consisting of a real puzzle, Dark it is not for everyone, as there are people who hated all the mysteries established by the plot, along with the feeling of not understanding what was happening during the episodes. Despite this, it is one of the most famous series on Netflix.

2. Sense8

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With a millionaire budget and two filmmakers with a strong repertoire, Sense8 couldn’t go wrong. But as time went on, the streaming giant realized that the investment wasn’t paying off.

Although the 1st season won over most of the audience, in the 2nd season many did not return to check out the new episodes. Thus, the series was officially ended.

1. Emily in Paris

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To close the list, it is necessary to talk about Emily in Paris, which became very much hated by some viewers as time went on. The series’ scripts were built on a lot of clichés, something that still captivated part of the audience, somehow.

However, the nominations received at some important awards made many judge the production as disqualified. But who doesn’t like a cliché every now and then, right?

What is your opinion about these series? Don’t forget to tell us!

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