10 effective ways to whiten the black groin with natural ingredients

Some parts of our body have skin color that tends to be darker. Usually in the fold or hidden areas such as the elbows, knees, and groin. Although more often covered by clothes, there is still a lack of confidence due to this condition.

Apparently there is an easy method, you know, brighten the skin in the blackened groin area. Can use natural ingredients and easy to use.

Check out the reviews below, which are summarized from various sources regarding tips or ways to whiten the groin with natural ingredients. You must know!

1. Lemon juice

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Lemon extract is known as an effective agent bleaching or natural whitening that is safe for human skin. The content of vitamin C, anti-oxidants, and high alpha hydroxy acids in it can help prevent free radicals on the skin.

For the groin area, apply lemon juice to the blackened skin surface. Avoid the surface of the vaginal skin, especially until it enters the inside of the vulva.

The skin around the sex organs is sensitive, it may cause a sensation of discomfort due to exposure to high acid compounds from lemon juice. You can also replace lemons with lime juice, you know.

2. Yam extract

10 effective ways to whiten the black groin with natural ingredientsPixabay.com/Lauryann

Yam juice is also widely used in beauty care methods as a natural whitener. It turns out not only the face, yam mask can also be used to brighten the blackened groin skin.

To make a natural yam mask, grate one medium sized yam fruit then squeeze the juice. Let the liquid yam extract for a few moments until a white precipitate appears.

Gently remove the clear liquid above, leaving a small amount to thin the white precipitate below. This yam mask can be applied to the face and groin area as well.

3. Aloe vera

10 effective ways to whiten the black groin with natural ingredientspixabay / mozo190

After lemons and yam, aloe vera also includes natural ingredients that are widely used in beauty treatments. This plant contains aloesin compounds which are anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory.

Cold and cool sensation is good for relaxing the skin and brightening. To whiten the area of ​​the black groin, you should use a gel from the flesh of the original aloe vera. The natural content is safer for skin in sensitive areas.

4. Egg whites

10 effective ways to whiten the black groin with natural ingredientsfreepik / jcomp

Not only good to eat, egg white turned out to be one of the secrets of the beauty of Asian women’s skin since ancient times. High protein in it effectively nourishes the skin, stimulates skin regeneration and maintains elasticity.

Egg white masks can also be used to lighten the groin area. How to make it is easy, just shake an egg white to foam.

Add lime juice if you want to disguise the fishy smell, then apply on the groin area.

Avoid the vulva or vagina by stretching the thigh during the process of using a mask. Let stand for 10-15 minutes, then rinse slowly using warm water.

5. Olive oil

10 effective ways to whiten the black groin with natural ingredientsfreepik / freepik

Women in the past relied on natural ingredients to maintain the health and beauty of their skin. If Asian women have a secret recipe for egg white masks, olive oil is widely used in the Middle East.

The content of linolenic acid and polyphenols which act as anti-oxidants in it is very good for skin health. Regularly applying olive oil to areas of blackened skin and scars can accelerate recovery, you know.

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6. Turmeric paste homemade

10 effective ways to whiten the black groin with natural ingredientsfreepik / jigsawstocker

Turmeric is a spice that has many properties for skin health and beauty. The content of curcumin in it acts as an antioxidant, one of its benefits is preventing free radicals on skin cells.

To be used as a mask, turmeric is formed into a paste by dissolving turmeric powder with liquid milk. Honey can also be added to add to the good nutrition in it.

Apply turmeric mask in the area of ​​the black groin. The rest of the mask can also be used for the face or skin of the hands and feet.

7. Yogurt

10 effective ways to whiten the black groin with natural ingredientsfreepik / nensurla

Anyone like to eat yogurt? This fermented milk is known as super food which has many good properties for health. The content of probiotics, minerals, and B vitamins in it is not only good for metabolism in the body, but also skin health.

Stout yogurt is used as a face mask because it can help maintain skin elasticity and brighten it. This mask can also brighten the blackened groin skin.

The trick, simply apply fresh yogurt without taste as a mask or scrub in the groin area. Do a gentle massage on the blackened area while applying yogurt. Rinse with clean water after standing for 10-15 minutes.

8. Honey

10 effective ways to whiten the black groin with natural ingredientsfreepik / newfabrika

The benefits of honey for your body’s health need not be doubted. Starting from as a food supplement, natural sweetener, to external medicine, honey is a food ingredient with a myriad of good nutrients contained in it.

In addition to consumption, honey can also be applied to the skin to brighten, nourish, to disguise scars. Try it in the groin area, let’s go!

9. Cucumber gel

10 effective ways to whiten the black groin with natural ingredientspexels / breakingpic

Pieces of cucumber are usually only used as an eye patch when using face masks. Though there are many ingredients in it that are good for the skin, you know.

Cucumbers are rich in vitamins and minerals that effectively refresh the skin, relax the cells in it and stimulate regeneration. Routine use of cucumber gel on the skin can help brighten and keep it supple.

How to make cucumber gel is very easy, just peel one cucumber then blender without additional water. This gel can be applied to the entire surface of the body, including the blackened groin area.

10. Rice washing water

10 effective ways to whiten the black groin with natural ingredientsfreepik / jcomp

There is one more beauty secret for Asian women’s skin with natural ingredients. Usually when going to cook rice, the rice is washed clean and the washing water is discharged. Wait a minute, this rice washing water is very good for skin health and beauty.

The content of ferulic acid and allantoin in it is as an antioxidant and natural moisturizer for the skin. Anti-oxidants function to inhibit free radicals on the skin, making it appear brighter and healthier.

Collect rice washing water in the container and leave it until the sediment appears. Gently remove the liquid at the top, leaving only the sediment. Apply this sediment to the blackened groin area, leave it for 10-15 minutes then rinse.

Those are some natural ingredients that can be used as a way to whiten the blackened crotch.

In addition to using the ten natural ingredients above, make sure the groin area is kept clean. Avoid using tight clothing to protect it from excessive humidity. Come on, try it!

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