10 couples from series that should have stayed together

Did anyone mention series couples?

Who has never watched a series cheering for the main couple to be together and ended up getting frustrated after a while? There are so many injustices that it was even difficult to prepare this list!

We separated only 10 couples who deserved to be together, but we guarantee that this list could be much longer. Check out the main ones!

10. Slater and Jessie (A Galley of Noise)

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There are couples who simply have absurd chemistry even if they can’t work together, as is the case with Slater and Jessie. From the original version to the reboot, you can see how well the two characters work together, even if one of them is in a happy marriage – as is the case with Jessie.

9. Haley and Andy (Modern Family)

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One of the biggest comedy series of recent years, Modern Family it ended in its 11th season and the romantic ending of Haley, one of the main characters, left some fans disappointed.

The romance with Andy took place in season 6 and they matched perfectly. However, she ends up returning with her ex, Dylan, with whom she has twins.

8. Angel and Cordelia (Angel)

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When Angel won his own series – spin-off derived from Buffy the Vampire Slayer – many possibilities opened up for the character and his relationship with Cordelia left the fans excited to see what would become of the couple.

Eventually, the novel started to be developed, but Angel died / transcended before he could develop his relationship with Cordelia better.

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Jackie ended up getting into some relationships throughout the series, but no one fit in as well with his dynamics as Hyde. They had chemistry and the feeling of always awakening the best in each other, generating comfort and confidence with each new episode.

Jackie’s other relationships, like that with Michael Kelso or Fez, don’t come close to what she had with Hyde.

6. Alex and Jo (Gray’s Anatomy)

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Who watches Gray’s Anatomy he must be used to being frustrated by now and the broken relationship between Alex and Jo was no different.

They nurtured a relationship of trust and vulnerability for a long time, helping each other to overcome the traumas that each maintained. However, Alex’s ending ending with Jo via letter to be with Izzie was absolutely frustrating.

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Matt Bomer’s character was built as someone unable to develop a lasting love relationship, but his relationship with Sara could prove otherwise.

However, he ended up betraying her trust in an unforgivable way and she made it clear that it would be impossible to return. In the end, they went on as friends.

4. Sam and Diane (Cheers)

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The dynamic love and hate has never been so well represented as in this couple, which makes the first season of Cheers be so much fun.

Sam and Diane represent a specific case of a couple that did not work: there were many comings and goings until, in the end, they realized that they did not work together, which left the audience frustrated, after all, it was clear that the characters had strong feelings one for the other.

3. Rory and Logan (Gilmore Girls)

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Logan was unmotivated when Rory denied his marriage proposal and their relationship ended there, momentarily. Upon returning from Gilmore Girls, in 2016, we see the duo together again, but only as a case.

Logan is in a relationship with the character Odette and it takes a while for Rory to realize that it is untenable. She ends up pregnant with a potential child of Logan, but we never got confirmation.

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A great example of a couple that brings out the best in each other when they are together! Alexis starts out as a spoiled girl and without many goals other than complaining, but it’s beautiful to see how much she grows during the series – and her relationship with Ted has a big influence on the process.

The breakup of the couple happens in the last season of the series and it is painful to see how much they had everything to work out if they had met in a different moment of the life.

1. Barney and Robin (How I Met Your Mother)

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HIMYM has a reputation for leaving fans frustrated when it comes to couples and this is one of the prime examples. Barney and Robin had a similar worldview, after all, despite being agitated, they showed a vulnerable side when they were together.

They end up getting married, but see that nothing works and separate, creating great disappointment in those who waited for many seasons in the expectation of seeing them together and happy.

It was good while it lasted – but we hoped it had lasted longer!

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