10 best movies to watch on rainy days

Rainy days call for movies that perfectly match the weather outside. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of 10 works of different genres so that you can find the perfect recommendation.

It has animation, drama, adventure and more! Check out the best movies for rainy days and enjoy the moment the right way.

10. Frankenstein

Rainy days combine perfectly with black and white film to create the perfect weather and Frankenstein, one of cinema’s most iconic figures, opens our list of recommended films.

Even though it is a story already known worldwide, many details end up getting lost over time. So watching the original movie – especially on a rainy day – is a perfect tip.

9. A Dream of Freedom

Drama, comedy and suspense: all in one place. A dream of freedom is one of the best movies in history and ideal to watch at any time, but the plot, talking about life inside a prison, ends up combining with the feeling of being stuck at home on rainy days.

8. Jurassic Park

The best rainy day movies need a little action too! The history of Jurassic Park, for those who don’t know, brings the presence of some scenes with storms that prevent the characters from leaving their place – something fundamental to create the tension characteristic of the film.

7. Harry Potter

The entire franchise, made up of eight films, perfectly matches rainy days: light, action-packed, magic, connecting with the characters and the feeling that everything will be fine at the end of each movie.

Whether it’s a single movie or the whole saga at once, the recommendation is valid!

6. The Promised Princess

Rainy days bring a nostalgic spirit, reminiscent of childhood, and the best movies for moments like this are fairy tale ones. the promised princess, in addition to meeting this requirement, it also brings a great union between love stories and lots of action to please different audiences.

5. Titanic

There are people who prefer to watch happy movies on rainy days to ward off negative feelings, but for those who take advantage of the sad weather to be even sadder, Titanic is a recommendation that never goes out of style.

With an impeccable soundtrack and the privilege of seeing Leonardo diCaprio and Kate Winslet acting still young, Titanic is a classic that spans generations and is on our list of best rainy day movies.

4. Castaway

Imagine the feeling of sitting comfortably, the rain falling outside and your imagination wandering through different possibilities. How would you survive on a desert island, alone and depending only on your skills?

castaway brings that scenario to the fore. Tom Hanks’ incredible acting makes us put ourselves in the character’s shoes and imagine how we would act in his shoes.

3. Mary Poppins

We have already commented that rainy days bring a lot of nostalgia and the best movies for this moment are those that awaken the feeling of better times from the past. That is why, Mary Poppins could not be left out!

With captivating characters and impeccable soundtrack, the Disney classic is also worth seeing.

2. Chihiro’s journey

Studio Ghibli’s film is by far one of the greatest animations ever made in history and that is indisputable. Interesting, fun, dark and mysterious in equal measure: all this makes Chihiro’s trip it’s great to watch at any time, but the mix of sensations combines even more with a rainy day.

Chihiro’s trip, like the other Studio Ghibli movies, is available to watch on Netflix anytime, rainy day or not.

1. Casablanca

we quote Frankenstein as an example of black and white film that matches rainy weather and Casablanca enters into that same justification. The film is extremely emotional and will make the viewer feel even more the emotions of the main characters, from the love between Rick and Ilsa to the sadness at not being able to be together.

Our list of movies was designed to make rainy days be enjoyed with more intensity. Choose your favorite genre and play!

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