10 best horror movies with comedy touches to watch

Comedy and horror are totally different genres and, many times, you can imagine that this is a combination that would not work very well in movies.

However, both seek to take great sensations from the viewer, whether it’s a good laugh or a big scare, and this makes the combination of these genres a great formula for great hits, always in the right measure, of course.

So, we’ve rounded up the 10 best horror movies with a comedic twist so you can enjoy it with friends, family, or even alone if you’re brave. Check out!

10. The Ghostbusters

(Source: Columbia/Disclosure)Source: Columbia

This is one of the most famous horror-comedy works of all time and has become a well-known franchise to this day. The film follows a group of unemployed parapsychologists who must fight a legion of ghosts that begin to accumulate in New York City.

9. Animal Hunger

(Source: Trimark/Disclosure)(Source: Trimark/Disclosure)Source: Trimark

animal hunger follows the plot of Elizabeth, an elderly woman who was bitten by a monkey and contracted a serious illness, becoming a creature that turns other people into zombies. So, your son needs to start making his own decisions and fight his own mother to defend the people around him.

8. Hotel from Death

(Source: Dark Sky/Disclosure)(Source: Dark Sky/Disclosure)Fonte:  Dark

Hotel employees Sara Paxton and Pat Healy decide to investigate a little more about the place’s spooky past a few days before it closes for good and end up getting involved with ghosts in the establishment. That way, you’ll have a good laugh with Sara and Pat’s pranks, but you should also be prepared for some scares.

7. Gremlins

(Source: Warner/Disclosure)(Source: Warner/Disclosure)Source: Warner

This is a Christmas work that combines horror and comedy in a totally unique production, following the story of a father who buys an unusual gift for his son and, by disobeying the rules on what he could do with the item, ends up releasing an invasion. of angry gremlins all over the city.

6. American Psychopath

(Source: Lionsgate/Disclosure)(Source: Lionsgate/Disclosure)Source: Lionsgate

american psychopath follows serial killer Patrick Bateman in his crimes during the 80’s and has a large dose of acid comedy when making several criticisms of consumer culture during this period in the USA. Despite the comic content, the film will also scare you and make you very tense.

5. What We Do In The Shadows

(Source: Paladin/Disclosure)(Source: Paladin/Disclosure)Fonte:  Paladin

This horror movie with a comedic twist depicts a group of vampire friends living in New Zealand. The film is incredibly hilarious and terrifying as it follows the creatures trying to deal with mundane and current situations, such as parties, dates and even simple cleaning.

4. An American Werewolf in London

(Source: Universal/Disclosure)(Source: Universal/Disclosure)Source: Universal

An American Werewolf in London delivers a lot of comedy and is a bit satyr amidst the protagonist’s transformations into a werewolf, a creature he turned into after being attacked in London on a trip with a friend. Thus, the bloodbath along with the hilarious lines make this movie a great horror with a comic touch.

3. House

(Source: Janus Films/Disclosure)(Source: Janus Films/Disclosure)Font: Janus

All the construction of the scenes of House turned this film into a masterpiece and the production follows seven high school friends who are going to take a few days off at the house of one of their aunt’s. When they get there, they have to deal with a haunted house struggling to evict them in both gruesome and hilarious ways.

2. The Cabin’s Secret

(Source: Lionsgate/Disclosure)(Source: Lionsgate/Disclosure)Source: Lionsgate

The secret of the cabin accompanies a group of friends who are staying in a cabin in the woods and end up having to deal with supernatural creatures and great dangers during their stay. A highlight is that, even with the hilarious laughs we give when we see the work, the film always reminds us of the protagonism of terror in the production.

1. Return of the Living Dead

(Source: Orion/Disclosure)(Source: Orion/Disclosure)Fonte: Orion

An eccentric group of young punks and old people are the town’s only salvation when an accident at a medical supply cooler causes the dead to come back to life looking for brains to feed on. Thus, the adventure of the film’s protagonists goes through moments of great terror, without neglecting the comic tone of the work.

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