10 best action animes of 2021 (so far)

Many animes have captivated audiences since the beginning of the year, with interesting stories and extremely engaging characters. A genre that stands out a lot, in this sense, is the action, which can bring fantastic elements full of news and also frantic battles for the spectators.

For this reason, we selected some of the best action anime released so far, featuring titles that have caught the attention of the audience in recent months.

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10. kemono jihen

(Tokyo MX/Reproduction)Source:  Tokyo MX

During the winter season, the public was awarded kemono jihen, which somehow surprised everyone with its peculiar episodes.

There is a very frenetic pace in the narrative, as well as a perfect mix of mystery and action. Although it’s not very popular with anime fans, it deserves to be watched for all the captivating elements that made it a rare gem of the genre.

9. Sentouin, Hakenshimasu!

(AT-X/Reproduction)(AT-X/Reproduction)Source:  AT-X

From the same author of Konosuba, Sentouin, Hakenshimasu! addresses a criminal organization that uses all possible means to achieve world domination. Even though this goal is quite cliché, the action sequences are iconic, showcasing the powers of all members in a unique way.

With several jokes, breathtaking moments and other aspects, the audience ends up getting involved in the narrative in a surprising way.

8. Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

(Tokyo MX/Reproduction)(Tokyo MX/Reproduction)Source:  Tokyo MX

Although the 1st season of this anime didn’t appeal to viewers when it was released in 2018, its 2nd season caught everyone’s attention, considering that many things were improved.

In this way, new details were added to the plot, the characters gained other types of nuances and all the initial propositions were strengthened, bringing many interesting questions to the audience. By expanding his main elements, the protagonist grew a lot and brought more action to his scenes.

7. eighty-six

(Tokyo MX/Reproduction)(Tokyo MX/Reproduction)Source:  Tokyo MX

Set in a civil war, the story of this anime can be very surprising in many ways, especially because of its characters. Amidst challenging battles, many sacrifices occur, showing what people are capable of doing to protect themselves and survive.

And even though the action takes over most of the sequences, there’s plenty of room for the development of human relationships, which further show the power of the narrative.

6. Sk8 The Infinity

(TV Asahi/Playback)(TV Asahi/Playback)Source:  TV Asahi

Several animes delved, throughout their development, into sports and historical moments.

AND Sk8 The Infinity maybe he’s the first to approach skateboarding with his protagonist. The sport in question, which is being one of the highlights of the Tokyo Olympics, gained a very interesting approach in this anime, showing how the passion for a small object with wheels can literally move the characters.

5. Kumo desu ga, Nanika?

(AT-X/Reproduction)(AT-X/Reproduction)Source:  AT-X

the animes isekai have gained a lot of space in recent years, showing unknown environments to be explored, even if dangers are everywhere.

In this production, there is a truly challenging spider, as fear of the unknown joins fear of an unknown creature. Even so, everything that is presented on the screen becomes very captivating and, as the plot progresses, surprises arise all the time.

4. Mushoku Tensei

(Tokyo MX/Reproduction)(Tokyo MX/Reproduction)Source:  Tokyo MX

At first, Mushoku Tensei it might look like something every anime fan has seen at some point. But, little by little, the series shows that it has brought many new things to viewers. The fights are very exciting, the scenarios and magical systems are fabulous and the characters are always full of energy. It is worth checking!

3. Tokyo Revengers

(MBS/Reproduction)(MBS/Reproduction)Source: MBS

With so many titles available in recent months, Tokyo Revengers managed to stand out because of the incredible ability to surprise everyone. The premise is full of fantastic elements, showing a protagonist who travels through time to prevent certain events from actually happening and modifying his life in an absurd way. It’s brutal, smart and full of metaphors.

two. Megalobox

(TBS/Reproduction)(TBS/Reproduction)Source:  TBS

Season 2 of Megalobox managed to be even better than the first few episodes, showing a more mature Joe, darker and with a strong determination in his journey. While searching for a new purpose in his life, the character grew up and tried to dodge ghosts from the past. At every moment, new challenges came his way and a lot of action was shown to the spectators.

1. Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song

(Tokyo MX/Reproduction)(Tokyo MX/Reproduction)Source:  Tokyo MX

Closing the list, there is a very curious title that has not been adapted from any manga or game, as is common. Although the complete unknown raised doubts among the public, when it was released in April this year, Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song was amazing. With action, magic and adventure, the anime brought chilling sequences, fun stories and passionate characters. Have you watched it?

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