10 amazing things you can ask your Samsung washing machine

No more laundry that smells bad from having been left in the machine for too long, goodbye headaches to find the right program… With Samsung’s connected washing machines, you will save time and money, with the certainty of always impeccable cleaning. In addition, specials are offered to those who decide before the end of the month.

With the reinforcement of new technologies, household appliances are no longer content to help you in your daily household chores. Like Samsung’s washing machines, it is entirely at your service, adapting and even anticipating your needs, all for the sake of simplicity and efficiency. Here is in 10 points everything you can ask your connected Samsung machine:

Notify you if the laundry needs to be taken out

As long as your washing machine is located at the other end of the house and that you go about your business, your laundry may well stagnate in the drum for a while, at the risk of emitting unwanted odors. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, Samsung has planned everything since you can ask to be notified of the end of the washing program through a notification on your mobile – or why not on your Samsung TV.

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Wait before you finish the laundry

From the Scheduler of your SmartThings application, you have programmed a machine and you realize that you will never be home on time to empty it? Do not panic ! You can cancel your wash, or even more incredible, if it has already started, extend the duration of the complete cycle so that it ends when you arrive.

And if you want the app to manage everything for you, activate the geolocation option to indicate that you are outside your home. You will then receive a notification 10 minutes before the end of the program, which allows you to postpone the end of the rinse / spin cycle if you are still away from home. On your return, you will not have the inconvenience of bad smells and wrinkled laundry.

Choose alone the program that suits your laundry

Color and type of fabric, washing time and temperature … it is often the headache to determine the right program for perfectly clean laundry. From the SmartThings app, go to the Cycle Selection Wizard so that it helps you launch the one that will be best suited to your expectations in terms of efficiency and duration. This intelligent assistant allows you to indicate with a few finger presses the type of clothes to be washed (jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, lingerie, etc.) and the color as well as the degree of soiling (white, dark, heavily soiled laundry , slightly dirty, etc.). Among the programs which are then suggested to you, you just have to choose the one of your choice, according to its duration, for example. Easy !

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Save you money

And yes ! Samsung washing machines, in addition to being very competitively priced for their advanced technologies, are the subject of extremely interesting fall promotions. Thus, for any purchase or rental from October 4 to 31, 2021, you will benefit from a refund of € 100 on a selection of Class A models and € 50 on a selection of Class B * models.

But Samsung doesn’t stop there! For any purchase of an eligible connected washing machine before October 31, benefit from a 15% code valid on your next smartphone purchase **

Help you with maintenance

The SmartThings app doesn’t just help you choose the perfect cycle for clean, fresh laundry or keep you informed of the progress of the cycle. To be in top condition at all times, your Samsung washing machine itself sometimes needs a thorough cleaning. Rest assured, no need to scrub the drum of your machine, folded in half, armed with gloves and detergent. As soon as an intervention is necessary, your smartphone sends you an alert. All you have to do is launch the SmartThings app. In the Homecare Wizard section which helps you in monitoring the use of your washing machine, you can directly launch the “drum cleaning” option, a self-cleaning program with vacuum, without detergent and at high temperature. which takes care of removing all unwanted residues and dirt.

Start with a word from you

Do you have your hands full or just don’t feel like tapping your smartphone screen? You can enjoy the services of SmartThings through voice commands. Using Bixby on Samsung smartphones, run a cleaning program or ask your washing machine how much time is left before the full cycle is complete. And if you don’t have a Galaxy mobile, it doesn’t matter, you can configure Google Assistant or Alexa to support SmartThings and be able to control your machine on the command of your voice.

Tell you what she consumes

In the SmartThings application, the Homecare Wizard maintenance assistant also plays the role of a consumption indicator, an essential function for saving energy. From this part you access a complete energy monitoring dashboard which will give you a precise view of the kWh spent each day.

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Adapt to your needs

Over the weeks, you will probably find that you use some programs more frequently than others. They will then be automatically offered to you first after a few uses. Indeed, SmartThings takes into account your little habits to save you time.

But you also have the option to save your favorite programs in your app, knowing that you can edit or delete them at any time.

Tell the dryer what to do

Have you also purchased a Samsung connected dryer? You can have it communicate with your washing machine to automatically program the drying cycle after washing. Function Auto Cycle Link is responsible for establishing this link and above all for ensuring that the most appropriate drying method is chosen.

Offer you the tutorial you need

Your Homecare Wizard maintenance assistant allows you to carry out a complete diagnosis of your washing machine, to optimize its operation, with the touch of a finger on the screen of your smartphone. In addition to the basic cleaning of the drum, there are simple maintenance operations which require some handling on the machine, such as cleaning a filter. To complete this task without asking any questions, the SmartThings application provides you with an illustrated manual with many diagrams that you just need to follow step by step. Simple and efficient.

* See conditions on the Samsung website

** From October 5 to 31, 2021 inclusive, for any purchase of an eligible connected washing machine, benefit from a 15% discount on your next purchase of an eligible smartphone or tablet. You will receive a unique promotional code by email 3 days after your purchase of washing machine and valid for a period of 60 days from the date of receipt. Offer valid only on Samsung.com, while stocks last. Personal code limited to one use. See eligible referrals on Samsung.com.

This article was produced in partnership with Samsung.

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