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For those who like productions full of adrenaline, a lot of tension and missions that are a real race against time, action movies are a full plate. Thinking about who is an Amazon Prime Video subscriber and fan of the genre, we’ve listed 10 streaming action movies that are unmissable and worth a marathon. Check out our suggestions and enjoy!

10 action movies to watch on Prime Video / Amazon Prime Video / Publicity
John Wick – Back to the Game (Image: Press Release / Amazon Prime Video)

1. John Wick – Back to the Game

First movie in a franchise that will earn its fourth title in 2022, John Wick – Back to the Game stars Keanu Reeves. The film follows in the footsteps of a retired hitman, who has his car stolen and his dog killed by bandits. Heartbroken by what happened to the dog, his companion and a gift from his deceased wife, he sets out to seek revenge against those who dared to cross his path.

  • Direction: Chad Stahelski e David Leitch
  • Year: 2014
  • List: Keanu Reeves e Michael Nyqvist
  • Link no Prime Video

2. Jolt

Action with a hint of comedy, Jolt tells the story of a woman who suffers from a rare neurological disorder, in which she experiences outbursts of extreme aggression, which can only be controlled with an electroshock vest. Unable to lead a normal life due to her condition, she finally meets and falls in love with a person who can understand her, but sees her happy days interrupted and her murderous rage fully unleashed when her love is murdered.

3. World War Z

Based on a book by Max Brooks, World War Z is a smash hit at the box office. In the plot, we follow a former UN researcher who, like all of humanity, is appalled when a disease spreads with astonishing speed around the world, infecting and turning people into zombies. After keeping his family safe, he decides to return to his old service, investigating the place of origin of the disease and trying to find a cure or something to stop the spread of the contagion.

4. Red: Retired and Dangerous

Adapted from the eponymous comics by DC Comics, Red: Retired and Dangerous has a cast of weight. The feature film revolves around a former CIA agent, who sees his days of peace end when he becomes the target of his former company. Determined to protect himself and discover the reason for the pursuit, he seeks out his old action friends so that he can fight the enemy.

  • Direction: Robert Schwentke
  • Year: 2010
  • List: Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman e John Malkovich
  • Link no Prime Video

5. Assassin’s Creed

Title based on the game series of the same name, Assassin’s Creed couldn’t be left out of this list of action movies to see on Prime Video! In the production, we follow Callum, a man sentenced to prison who is rescued by an institution that fakes his death. Descended from Aguilar, an important member of the Assassin’s Creed, he must in turn revive his ancestor’s genetic memories, going to the Spanish Inquisition to discover where the Apple of Eden is.

  • Direction: Justin Kurzel
  • Year: 2016
  • List: Michael Fassbender e Marion Cotillard
  • Link no Prime Video

6. MIB: Men in Black International

Franchise spin-off Men in Black, which in turn is inspired by the comic book of the same name, MIB: Men in Black International It stars Molly, an agent of the MIB, a top-secret alien monitoring agency. When assigned to work on a mission at the London branch where she must find out who the spy infiltrated the organization is, she must join forces with H, a smug agent of the company.

7. No Remorse

Based on the comic book by Tom Clancy, no remorse stars Michael B. Jordan. In the plot, we learn the origin of the hero John Clark, a man who is an elite naval officer and finds himself thirsty with rage after his pregnant wife is murdered. While seeking revenge for what happened, he joins forces with two other trained agents, uncovering an international conspiracy case, which puts him to the test.

8. Transformers

Film that gave rise to a long franchise, Transformers mixes action with science fiction. In the production world, Earth is also home to the Transformers, alien robots that have lived on the planet for decades disguised as vehicles and other technological creatures. It is in this scenario that Sam, a young man who has just been given a car by his father, discovers that the car turns itself into a war machine. While trying to deal with the situation, other alien creatures arrive on Earth, bringing an ancient battle to our planet.

9. Lair of Thieves

Starring Gerard Butler and 50 Cent, den of thieves follow in the footsteps of two rival groups: an elite police unit and a group of highly specialized bank robbers. Having crossed paths, the first group puts in place a plan to arrest the thieves, while the gang of criminals prepares for the most difficult assault of their lives.

10. Explosive Cocktail

Original title of Prime Video, explosive cocktail tells the story of Sam, a young girl who as a child was abandoned by her mother, but who, like her, became a hired killer. One day, while embarking on a mission in which an eight-year-old girl is threatened, she gets into a big mess, and ends up joining forces with her mother and a gang of powerful women to defend herself.

Do you recommend other action movies to see on Prime Video? Share your favorites with us!

The streaming catalog was consulted on 12/11/2021.

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