10 2000’s comedy series you didn’t remember existed

A genre much loved by series fans is comedy. In general terms, there are also sitcom series, which consist of situation comedies, approaching everyday themes with lightness and jokes very well fitted into the scripts.

While many believe that audience presence is one of their hallmarks, sitcoms can go far beyond that, exploring issues of interest to the audience.

For this reason, we selected some of these series that were released during the 2000s and that many people have forgotten over the years. The following recommendations, therefore, serve to recall some extremely interesting titles.

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10. Party Down

(Starz/Reproduction)(Starz/Reproduction)Fonte:  Starz

With just two seasons, the audience followed a group of actors who had no opportunity in Hollywood working in a catering service (buffet), serving big movie stars on several occasions. Gradually, the characters’ confusions gained exaggerated proportions, also showing that, in addition to not having as much talent, they had complicated geniuses to deal with.

9. 8 Basic Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughters

(ABC/Reproduction)(ABC/Reproduction)Source: ABC

With this self-explanatory title, it’s already easy to identify the central conflicts of this series created by Tracy Gamble and aired by ABC over three seasons. In the cast, Kaley Cuoco, from The Big Bang Theory, and Amy Davidson, played the daughters of Paul Hennessy (John Ritter), a sports journalist who tried to take care of his offspring’s novels.

8. After all

(CBS/Lifetime/Reproduction)(CBS/Lifetime/Reproduction)Fonte:  CBS/Lifetime

Families always generate good comedy series. With After all (Still Standing, in the original) was no different. The production focuses on Chicago’s working class, in which Bill (Mark Addy) and Judy (Jami Gertz) are an ordinary couple trying to raise their three children as best they can. However, their maturity is quite fragile, which causes great confusion in the minds of young people.

7. Rules Of Engagement

(CBS/Reproduction)(CBS/Reproduction)Cast iron: CBS

With Adam Sandler’s producer involved in creating the episodes, Rules of Engagement was released by CBS in 2007. In the plot, a group of friends face several romantic challenges, especially when between them there are two couples and a bachelor. The cast included guest appearances by Oliver Hudson, Bianca Kajlich, Patrick Warburton, Megyn Price and David Spade.

6. Reba

(The CW/Reproduction)(The CW/Reproduction)Fonte:  The CW

Comedy productions can also be biographical. Reba, starring singer and actress Reba McEntire, addresses the life of a recently divorced mother who needs to learn several questions about her children’s routine while dealing with complex processes in her own work. There are many interesting issues addressed by the six season scripts that were broadcast by The CW.

5. the Aspones

(Globo Network/Reproduction)(Globo Network/Reproduction)Source: Rede Globo

With only seven episodes, Fernanda Young’s genius is once again evidenced by all the situations approached in the scene. In the plot, viewers meet a group of civil servants who simply have nothing to do during office hours. In this way, they get involved in various oddities, mainly due to the boredom of complying with working hours.

4. twins in trouble

(Fox/Playback)(Fox/Playback)Fonte:  Fox

Despite being canceled after a single season, this series was very important in the careers of Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen in 2001, when it was broadcast on Fox. big family conflicts and interesting discussions about parental separation.

3. The New Adventures Of Old Christine

(CBS/Reproduction)(CBS/Reproduction)Cast iron: CBS

Executive produced and starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, quite famous for her participation in Seinfeld, the comedy series ran for five seasons and was highly acclaimed by audiences at the time. The narrative centers on a divorced mother, who also owns a gym, trying to deal with different issues, especially those related to being female.

2. Things I hate about you

(The CW/Reproduction)(The CW/Reproduction)Fonte:  The CW

Although the title in Portuguese changes “adoro” to “odeio” — taking into account that in the original the series is known for What I Like About You — in general terms, the production presents interesting nuances about these two antagonistic aspects. The protagonist is Holly Tyler (Amanda Bynes), a teenager who has to deal with the forced coexistence of her older sister, the fickle Valerie (Jennie Garth).

1. Jim is like that

(ABC/Reproduction)(ABC/Reproduction)Source: ABC

Closing the list, there is also the fun Jim is like that (According to Jim, in the original). For eight seasons, the audience followed Jim (James Belushi), a traditional family man who constantly ventures into complicated everyday issues because of his laziness. He is married to Cheryl (Courtney Thorne-Smith) and still has to deal with his children, Andy (Larry Joe Campbell), his brother-in-law, and also Dana (Kimberly Williams-Paisley), his sister.

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