007: No Time to Die is worth the wait, early critics say; look!

The next film in the 007 franchise to hit theaters also marks the end of Daniel Craig’s journey as cinema’s most famous agent. no time to die is the 25th title in the franchise and features Cary Joji Fukunaga (Beasts of No Nation) in the direction, with a work that pleased most critics.

Below, you can check out what the first reviews of the movie are talking about!

Daniel Craig in ‘No Time to Die’.Source: IMDb/Reproduction

Owen Gleiberman – Variety

“No Time to Die is a fantastic movie: an updated and modern James Bond thriller with a satisfying neoclassical feel. It’s an unabashedly conventional Bond movie that’s been done with a lot of subtlety and just the right touch of soul, as well as a surprise elegant enough to keep you on edge. He ends Craig’s 007 saga in the most extravagant style.”

David Rooney – The Hollywood Reporter

“The big problem with the movie, however, is that the path to Craig’s departure is drowning in the plot; it’s so complicated and drawn-out that you could end up losing much of the villainy. [Mas] Regardless of script shortcomings and the occasional lag in pace, there’s plenty here for Bond fans to savor. may not be the same as Skyfall, but it’s a poignant farewell salute to the actor who has arguably left the most indelible mark on the character since Connery.”

Leah Greenblatt – Entertainment Weekly

“No Time to Die has all the classic franchise features: exotic locations, surprising settings, a maniacal villain with a cowardly and improbably complicated plan that only a superagent in the world can undo. The women on screen seem more real than the setting here, and even James treats them accordingly. For the first hour, at least, the series seems revived: still full of the international intrigue and elaborate gadgetry that give Bond the shimmering arrogance he always had, but dragged now into a recognizably modern era. But as the film completes its second hour and progresses to its third, battle fatigue sets in, and so does a more vague kind of boredom.”

Mae Abdulbaki – Screen Rant

“No Time to Die it relies heavily on the legacy: what remains and what is left behind. The film really takes off when the focus is on Bond’s personal story as well as the legacy he leaves behind. no time to die it feels like a love letter to Craig’s iteration of 007, bringing in new characters that leave a mark while ending the Bond stories thoughtfully and thoughtfully. The action, personal subplots, and generally good pacing will keep the audience in their seats, with the film’s ending being a topic that franchise fans will be talking about for a while.”

Mike Reyes – CinemaBlend

“No Time to Die it absolutely fulfills the promise of being an adventure that changes everything, as it is a pure Bond show that will take your breath away. With the modern age being a serialized story leading to a massive ending, this is the best possible outcome anyone could have hoped for. Borrowing from the past and reinventing for the future, Cary Joji Fukunaga has given a new generation of James Bond fans a masterpiece at Her Majesty’s Secret Service level that should be revered for years to come.”

John Nugent – Empire

“Fukunaga, it turns out, was the ideal choice of director, deftly balancing the contradictions of character and franchise, and while he doesn’t escape the usual pitfalls, he’s always been an intuitive filmmaker, deeply interested in the humanity of his characters. That way, he finds vulnerability in this most invulnerable of heroes, with a stunning and surprising ending that gives Craig the farewell he deserves. When a formula is so hard and fast, even the smallest adjustments are exhilarating. Make a martini—it was worth it wait”.

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